The one thing that all of our kitchens have in common is that they’re all different. That’s because we tailor every kitchen to meet the unique needs and tastes of each and every person we work with. After all, it wouldn’t be your kitchen if it wasn’t made for you.

Soraya’s Interiors is a firm believer that the best ideas are collaborative. Before commencing any creative work we recommend a meeting with one of our designers. This meeting will assist in providing an understanding of your objectives and needs and will help shape the tonality and the personality of your kitchen.

The information from this initial meeting will also establish the lines of communication. We take all the information and return with an appropriate strategy to achieve your objective, proposing a concept and supplying layouts that will effectively help you visualize your dream kitchen. A time-line will be developed to ensure that all the steps of production are handled in a timely manner to meet your deadline.

Soraya’s Interiors solutions are creative, thought provoking, and cost effective. Listed here are some of the services that you can take advantage of:

• Kitchen design
• Interior Design
• Colour coordination and consulting
• Furniture sourcing
• Appliance sourcing
• Sourcing of required Tradespeople
• Product analysis and recommendations
• Project Management